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Registration for our September 20th Advanced Defensive Pistol Match is open!
If you've wanted to come try our advanced match, but didn't have the equipment, now's your chance. Lights and special operator gear are not required.
Advanced Defensive Pistol Match
1. We've changed gears and are planning on making this match much less oriented towards low-light shooting, and more towards advanced applications of fundamentals.
2. Weapon mounted or hand held flashlights will not be required.
3. Concealment garments are required.
4. Our Fundamental Defensive Pistol match is a prerequisite.
5. All shooters must arrive prior to 6:15. Safety brief begins promptly at 6:15.
6. Expect to shoot between 50 and 100 rounds. Entry fee is $15.
7. You must register through Practiscore
Find the link to register on our Facebook page.